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it starts with a shoulder; TabiRi

title: it starts with a shoulder
pairing: top/seungri
rating: pg-13
genre: CRACK!, humour, romance
summary: why tabiri affects the life of other around them :D

A/N: lol IDK have i turned this into like a continual series? im not to sure either xD fail much! maybe like short snippets of tabiri's relationship and how it affects everyone in big bang, yeah. so i'll call this ficlet? it starts with a shoulder.


jiyong sighed, slipping easily into the wooden chair.

"i hate photo shoots now.."

youngbae turns at that sentence staring widely at the leader across the table, "what? you love photo shoots. mainly because of the camera, but how can you hate it now?"

jiyong groans and slides lower into the chair, turning his chair to face youngbae. "i cant do it anymore," he sniffs and even flutters his eyes for good measure. "not when those two horny love birds are together"

youngbae rolls his eyes, watching as the leader sob exasperatedly with the back of his palm across his eyes.

youngbae chuckles lightly, "Its your fault anyway. i mean you were so eager for them to get together for selfish reasons-"

jiyong glares, "i did not! i did it for you, me, daesung and...those two!"

"if your going to be selfish, its only natural that karma will come around"

"thats stupid bae. i mean after getting them together everything should be better!" "but i feel like hurling myself in a rubbish bin every damn time those two go on a spasm of 'who loves who more', its torture!!"

"rubbish bins? really? ji, you gotta stop with these fashion statements"

jiyong scoffs offended, flicking a laughing youngbae on the forehead.

and as if on cue, the tabiri pair immediately swoon in with seunghyun nuzzling lovingly in a giggling seungri's neck.

jiyong sobs a little more.

youngbae smiles at the leaders flamboyancy, laughing when the pair decide to sit next jiyong making the leader head desk the table.

seunghyun ignores jiyong and stares at seungri, patting his lap until seungri gets the idea. it looked ridiculous with a tall
seungri sitting on an equally tall seunghyun's lap, forgotten 5 seconds later when seunghyun starts kissing seungri's neck.

"UGH, can t you guys just stop! even for a second!"

seungri glares at the leader for making a now distracted seunghyun stop whatever wonderful thing he was doing.

"how can i can control myself when im around ri, look at him hes just so...soo, ugh" seunghyun says, squeezing seungri in a tight hug like it could explain words so much better

"and c'mon, its seunghyun hyung, seunghyun hyung! who's so smokn' hot and sexy and just-"

"okay, okay shut up."

jiyong cradles his chin in his palm, "you can at least try to keep your relationship on a down low. every interview or photo shoot we've had lately has your arm practically fucking seungri's shoulder!"

"and i wish i could do more~" seunghyun sings

jiyong eyes grow wide at the sentence, smacking the two when they attach lips. if he didnt stop them now, when would they?

"your lucky manger hyung hires the same photographer and crew so no one finds out" youngbae finally speaks, "thats why you two are together in most of the shots"

seunghyun snorts, musing in a deadpan voice, "no its because the photographers are all twins, triplets and quintuplets" and chuckling straight after.

seungri pouts, turning in seunghyun lap "but hyung~ you said they were all clones"

jiyong wants to die...

and HERE!! for all the arm-shoulder sex inspiration tabiri have supplied :DD
Next chapter : sweaters
Tags: #series, author: e, author: k, p: seungri/top
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